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Cool & Useful Gifts for $20 or Less On Amazon Right Now


While we aren’t an affiliate of Amazon’s or anything, we do love to shop. Normally, we’re shopping for our clients’ next dream home but, this holiday season, we thought we’d help out with gift shopping too.

Living in our beautiful island state can get pretty expensive, especially when nearly all retail items are imported and therefore priced to include freight. Because of free shipping, Amazon Prime can really be worth the investment for locals, especially when shopping for the holidays. Yes, we believe that supporting local businesses is very important but, in many cases, you won’t find these products anywhere but online and, let’s face it, we all need to save as much money as we can.

Since we’ve been spending a lot of time shopping around for holiday gifts, we put this list together that we think are the kind of gifts that almost everyone would be super happy to receive from you. These also make awesome gifts to stock up on for gift-giving throughout 2018.

Here’s what we found so far:

LCD Writing Tablet – $19

To put it simply, this is a modern day chalkboard or like the Magna Doodle of our time – except way cooler because it has an LCD screen! Use this techno notepad to jot down Grocery lists, display menu specials, doodles – the uses are endless.

This would even be a great gift for little ones when you want to offer them a simpler form of entertainment or for practicing their writing. You can even lock the screen so your image is safe from being erased.


Sabrent 4-Port USB Hub – $10

In today’s day and age, we have so many gadgets that need to be plugged in to our computers and laptops, and with some device makers removing ports instead of adding them (we’re looking at you, Apple), this simple device can be a lifesaver. To say the least, this has become one of the essentials of the future.

Use it to charge multiple devices or even setup a mini dock where all of your computer peripherals like an external keyboard, mouse, or card reader can be plugged in. Then, when it’s time to take your laptop with you, simply unplug the one USB plug and go!


Bluetooth Headphones – $20

Bluetooth headphones are another new-ish technology that is now becoming a household staple, especially with the technology becoming more affordable. While there are even better options when you spend $25, these top rated Bluetooth headphones come in just at the standard Secret Santa budget price. Just wrap it up in a really huge box for the fun of it!


32 Gigabyte Flash Drive – $14

It’s a fact: One can never have too much backup storage. There was a time when a 2.5 Gigabyte hard drive was the size of a refrigerator and just 10 years ago it cost an arm and a leg just to get a 1 gigabyte external drive. Nowadays, large capacity flash drives are commonplace and much more affordable. We like this particular one because it looks super cool, is an amazing value, and has almost 5 stars after over 4k reviews. Anyone would be thrilled to receive this movie prop looking flash drive as a gift this year!


Suguru Moldable Glue – $15

This magical clay like substance belongs in every junk drawer, right next to the super glue and scissors. The product is versatile and mold-able to almost any surface, then hardens into a silicone rubber overnight, creating a permanent bond. As the product image to your left illustrates, this is safe enough for even electrical wire. According to the manufacturer, this stuff is waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant, durable, flexible, shock-resistant and electrically insulating (up to 24 volts). Another useful gift anyone would love because they probably never heard of it and will find a use for it.


Smart Thermometer – $13


Every household should have a thermometer around, and most do. But what are the chances that they have one of these cool gadgets. The best thing about this is that you simply plug it into your headphone jack and use the app that comes with it to keep records for the whole family. The app comes with a light assessment of symptoms to help you decide whether you should tough it out or contact your physician. Pediatrician-recommended but not just for kids, this is just the kind of under $20 gift that wouldn’t be exchanged or returned because it’s so necessary. Just don’t give one to your hypochondriac friend if you care at all about their sanity.


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker w/ Microphone – $20

Turn a shower into a place of zen with this water-proof portable Bluetooth speaker. Play your favorite music or mood sounds while also being able to take calls if you need to. Coming in at $20, this highly rated item is also a keeper and perfect for stuffing in stockings.


Bluetooth Receiver/Adapter – $16

This is probably, by far, the most useful little gadget that we’ve been lucky enough to discover. Basically, this little receiver/adapter will allow any wired speaker system to receive a Bluetooth signal. That means you could turn any old headphones Bluetooth too. This particular model comes with an adapter that allows you to plug in to a car’s stereo system (that silver plug in the picture is double-ended). Once you plug the speaker/headphone in, simply connect it to your device via Bluetooth and enjoy!

Bonus idea: Older friends and family members usually have older stereo systems. Just be ready to help them install it!


We hope this list helps just a little bit – shopping for gifts (and houses!) can be a real pain sometimes, right? We know, we’ve been scouring the marketplace for the best deals ourselves and it’s a lot of work. But of course, no matter how busy we get, we are never too busy for you or your referrals. Give me a call at (808) 426-8772 and let me help you shop for your Hawaii home too!