Who pays escrow costs in Hawaii?

There are fees that are paid by the seller and the buyer. Seller pays 60% while buyer pays 40% of the fees.

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What’s the cost of living in Hawaii compared to the Mainland?

The cost of living is greater in Hawaii than many other areas. Most of our products are imported and shipped in. The cost of living is greater, however the compensation is higher to offset some of the cost.

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How do I get started?

The first step is to contact an agent to help answer any of your questions. From there the agent will assist you in the pre approval process. Many buyers do not know that working with a local lender can save money and stress down the road.

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What is the difference between Fee Simple and Leasehold?

Fee Simple Land Tenure means you own the home and the land it is on. Lease Hold means you own the home but not the land it is on. Usually Lease holds have a set lease time and your agent can find that information out.

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How can I determine my price range?

This is the process of getting a pre approval. Once you disclose your financial situation to a lender you will then work on where you will feel most comfortable with price.

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Why should I buy Vs. Rent in Hawaii?

Owning a home has so many benefits, you are working on establishing good credit for your name. If you want to change things in the home you are free to do without violation of agreements and you are able to own pets with no fees or questions. Most time mortgage payments are less than what you would be paying in rent. There are also tax breaks you are given as a home owner verses renting.

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I live out of state. How can I invest in Hawaii real estate?

Investment homes are a big percentage of transactions in Hawaii. You can call your licensed agent to help you through the entire process. Agents are able to assist with the scheduling of inspections, walk through and the escrow process.

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Do I need to use a Realtor to buy or sell property?

It is very helpful to have a professional licensed agent helping you through the process. There are so many more steps to the purchasing process than walking through homes. In the state of Hawaii the seller pays the commissions for the buyer as well. So you owe nothing to your agent for the service. It is a win win.

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What is the real estate market like in Hawaii?

Hawaii real estate is like none other. From the property type, location, and climate buying a home in Hawaii is a true rewarding experience.

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