Case Studies

Leila Was PCS’ing

Leila was referred to Shannon after expressing frustrations to a friend about the unsatisfactory services being provided by her current Realtor at the time.

Leila and her family were days away from PCS’ing off island and needed to get her home sold sooner than later after falling out of escrow a few times. After Leila decided to part ways from her Realtor at the time, Shannon reached out to schedule an appointment to preview her home and get more details on the situation.

Shannon shared with Leila all the services she’d provide which included having the home professionally cleaned, staged, and photographed along with paying for her home to be marketed on multiple social media and online platforms to increase views/reaches. Within a couple of days, Leila left the island and was on to her new journey on the East Coast, the home was cleaned, staged, photographed, and put on the market.

After 4 days of being on the market, Shannon produced an offer and was able to keep the transaction on track and closed in less than 30 days.

Throughout the entire process, Shannon kept in touch with Leila who expressed her appreciation and gratitude multiple times for all the hard work, commitment, and follow-through that was continuously provided.

Matthew & Mary Were Looking for a Home

Matthew and Mary are a military family who was stationed in Puerto Rico.

In preparation for their relocation to Oahu in a couple months, Mary began inquiring about the home buying process and was referred to Shannon by a friend on Facebook.

Mary shared what they were looking for in a home and Shannon began sending listings her way so she could get a better idea of what she liked and didn’t like. This continued over a couple months until it got closer to time for their arrival on Oahu, which is when Shannon connected Matthew and Mary with a great local lender who was able to get them quickly pre-approved. Once Matthew, Mary, and their children arrived on island, the home search begun while they stayed in a hotel.

After a couple days of showings and submitting offers, they opened escrow on a home that checked off much of what was on their list.

The transaction moved along nicely but their family ended up having to stay in the hotel past the closing date of their purchase as their home goods had not yet arrived on the island. Shannon gifted a few items for their home in the meantime and makes sure to keep in touch if there’s ever anything they need. Matthew and Mary were very much appreciative of all of Shannon’s efforts.

Bryan & Emily – Simultaneous Buy & Sell

Bryan and Emily were referred to Shannon by a friend and fellow agent who was no longer on island.

After meeting with Shannon, they shared that they lived in a 2 bedroom condo and were interested in purchasing a 3 bedroom unit that was for sale in their community.

In this particular situation, Bryan and Emily needed to sell their 2 bedroom condo to restore their VA entitlement which would then be available to purchase the 3 bedroom unit. Shannon explained the careful process of doing a contingency sale which is a transaction that involves simultaneously selling and buying a property.

Once the green light was given and their offer was accepted for the purchase of the 3 bedroom unit, Shannon quickly got to work on putting their 2 bedroom unit on the market. Within a few days, an offer was presented and accepted. Juggling the contingency deadlines, negotiations, and repairs for both the sale and purchase was something Shannon handled very well as she kept things moving along in a timely manner.

Open communication and sharing updates with Bryan and Emily were key throughout the process as they were trying to balance selling and buying a home for their family. In the end, Bryan, Emily, and their family happily moved into their 3 bedroom home and expressed their gratitude to Shannon for everything that was done throughout the process.

To this day, Shannon keeps in touch with the family.