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5 Home Safety Tips for Halloween


Whether you’re just handing out candy from your porch or turning your home into a haunted masterpiece, a quick check for safety will help make your Halloween night a happy one. Follow these safety tips and keep Halloween scary – in a good way!

1. Safe Trick-or-treating

Whether you have little ones of your own or not, remind trick-or-treaters not to run between houses or across streets, especially in areas of high traffic. Kids should also know to stick to well-lit streets, driveways, and houses.

2. Light Up the Night

For fire safety, opt to use LED tea lights or string lights around the outside of your home. Candles and other luminaries may give your home that sweet spooky glow, but they are also fire hazards, warns the National Fire Protection Association.  If you have a long driveway or walkway, turn on your regular outdoor lights as well, so trick-or-treaters can easily see the path to the door.

3. Clear The Way

Make sure to clear the walkway between your driveway or sidewalk and where you are distributing candy. Loose porch steps, railings, and uneven path stones can pose a safety threat to tiny trick-or-treaters so it’s good to do a quick check for safety. If you have scary yard decorations, be sure they don’t obstruct any walkways.

4. Confine Pets

The constant excitement of young children ringing the doorbell is simply too much for many pets, the ASPCA warns, and scared dogs or cats can dart out the front door. Avoid a Halloween pet mishap by keeping Fluffy and Fido in a separate room, away from the excitement.

5. Practice indoor fire safety.

Hosting a Halloween party for adults? Check your smoke alarms to help make sure they’re in good working order. Also, keep decorations like crepe paper away from carved pumpkins and open flames.