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Say Aloha to Paradise: 10 Tips for Moving to Honolulu

moving to honolulu

Are you one of the thousands of remote workers wanting to earn your daily bread against a backdrop of blue waters and palm trees? Perhaps you’re one of the armed forces personnel relocating to join the approximately 70,000-strong military presence on the islands.

Whatever your reasons for moving to Honolulu, you’re probably wondering what to expect when you get there?

Hawaii might be a US state, but you’ll find some aspects of daily life a little different from what you’re used to on the mainland.

Here’s how to enjoy a low-stress relocation.

1. How to Move to Honolulu Easily

Unless you’re moving from one of the towns nearby, you’ll need a professional moving company to assist you with relocating to this state.

One of the best Honolulu moving tips is to hire a local moving company that specializes in moving families from the mainland. These professionals can answer all your questions and put your mind at ease throughout the process.

2. Declutter Before Moving to Honolulu

Getting rid of unnecessary items is a wise move wherever you’re moving to, but it’s especially important for a long-distance move. Unless you’re extremely attached to your earthly possessions, shipping everything you own to Honolulu’s an unnecessary expense.

You’ll find most of the things you need available in the city, and you could also consider renting or buying a furnished property when you arrive.

It’s often less stressful, and cheaper to sell everything you own and start over in your new location.

3. Plan Well in Advance if You’re Moving Your Pets

Hawaii is rabies-free, so there are stringent veterinary requirements for moving pets over from the mainland.

Make sure your pets’ vaccination records are up to date well in advance of your move and keep all the necessary documentation relating to these shots.

Unless your pets meet the entry requirements, they’ll face an extended period of quarantine when they arrive. Quarantine is a stressful event for animals, and you don’t want to put them through this trauma.

Take pains to ensure your pets meet all the entry requirements way ahead of your move.

4. Put on a Friendly Face

Oahu might be Hawaii’s largest and most populous island, but it’s still a small place. That means you’ll encounter a strong sense of community wherever you live in Honolulu.

Most neighborhoods boast regular get-togethers for residents and people are friendly and welcoming wherever you go. The traffic’s busy in the city, but people still smile and wave as they pass by and make way for those wanting to enter their lane.

5. Practice Patience

If you’re moving from a fast-paced city like L.A. or New York, you’re in for a big culture shock. This easy-going attitude carries over to every aspect of life in Honolulu.

That brings us to another one of the essential tips for moving to Honolulu – be patient. Patience isn’t a virtue in Hawaii, it’s a necessity. Things happen a little slower around these parts.

6. Lap Up the Great Weather

One of the first things you’ll notice in Hawaii is that there are only two seasons. The dry season, known as summer, stretches from May to October, while the wet season occurs from November to April.

It’s never cold in Honolulu, you won’t see snow while living there, and there is no colorful fall to look forward to either. What you will get is an even temperature that makes beach activities possible all year round.

The city also boasts clean air and plenty of wide-open spaces for you to enjoy your leisure time.

7. Enjoy Living in Paradise

The beaches in Hawaii are exceptionally beautiful and the surfing conditions are famous across the globe. You’ll find pristine sandy stretches in Honolulu at Kailua Beach, Magic Island, Sandy Beach, and Wailea Beach.

Don’t limit yourself to seaside pursuits though. Honolulu offers excellent opportunities for hiking among indigenous forests, along the beach, or to see magnificent waterfalls.

You’ll also find a host of trail running and mountain biking tracks close to the city.

8. Shop Local and Save

It’s true that most things in Honolulu cost more than the national average. The locals refer to this price difference as ‘paradise tax’ and it’s a small price to pay for a high quality of life in this beautiful destination.

You’ll still pay less on your daily living costs in Honolulu than you do in San Francisco or New York, and you won’t need to cope with the bustle of big city living.

Many of the things you take for granted on the mainland must travel many miles to reach the stores in Hawaii. So, if you want to save where you can, you should focus on enjoying local foods and buying locally-made goods if you want to save in Hawaii.

So, before you move to Honolulu, you should consider how much your quality of life’s really worth to you.

9. Expect Slightly Different Schooling Options

Education in Hawaii’s run by a single school board located in Oahu. That means education’s standardized across the country and the board spreads funds equally among schools.

The benefit of this is that you don’t need to search for a good school in Honolulu, they’re all the same. Private schools are the only exception, offering their own curricula. These establishments come at a high price and only 17% of the state’s children attend private institutions.

On the downside, running everything from one location can slow things down a little.

10. Get Help With Honolulu Real Estate

There’s a huge demand for homes in Hawaii at the moment. The average price of a single-family dwelling reached an unprecedented high of over $900,000 in February 2021.

Don’t this high average put you off though. You’ll still find plenty to choose from at well below that price, especially if you know where to look.

Condos are often more affordable than stand-alone houses and offer the benefit of extra amenities and less upkeep.

On the upside, you’ll pay less property tax than in any other US state, regardless of which type of residence you choose.

Finding Your Piece of Paradise

Keep an open mind when searching for a home in Honolulu, and you’re bound to find something you like soon enough. We are your first port of call if you’re moving to Honolulu and looking for your dream home in this island paradise.

Browse our listings and get in touch for all the help you need in the process of buying a house or condo in Honolulu.