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Shannon Severance releases the 2020 Guide for Hawaii’s Military Home-Buyers!

Relocations can often feel difficult for military families. Real estate agent, Shannon Severance, has released a new e-book to ease the stress of home buying when relocating for military families. Shannon’s e-book, Shannon’s Essential 2020 Military Home Buyer’s Checklist, is essential for today’s home buying military family.

Expertly poised as a renowned real estate professional in the state of Hawaii, Shannon understands the home buying process. Due to her industry knowledge, she has compiled an e-book with tips, tricks, and factors to consider when relocating to a new home.

Shannon’s Essential 2020 Military Home Buyer’s Checklist E-Book

In Shannon’s Essential 2020 Military Home Buyer’s Checklist, Shannon walks readers through 12 key components of military families buying a new home. She discusses topics such as solar panels, HOA fees, and the responsibilities of a realtor. The checklist also covers VA home buying benefits to military personnel and veterans. Furthermore, Shannon’s checklist ensures that each item is explained in simple terms and is relevant to readers.

Shannon and her family have a strong military background and have been through over 8 PCS moves themselves. With a thorough understanding of the Hawaiian real estate market and years of experience in the industry, Shannon’s e-book encompasses the most important factors for families to consider.

Shannon herself is a wealth of information regarding the home buying programs and incentives available to those who have served or are actively serving in the military.

For Further Assistance and Information

For more information about Shannon’s e-book or further information about your family’s relocation to Hawaii contact Shannon Severance at (808) 426-8772 or visit soldbyshannonhi.com. Shannon is also happy to help families that are in the need of selling their homes in Hawaii and has a proven track record of success.

Learning More About Shannon D. Severance

Shannon D. Severance is an agent for RE/MAX Honolulu. In addition to this success, Shannon has been the recipient of over 10 different accolades and awards for multiple years in a row. In addition, Shannon was inducted to the RE/MAX International Hall of Fame and has received the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Shannon is a certified residential specialist, a military relocation professional, and a certified distressed property expert. All of these designations give her a depth of knowledge with benefits that are passed onto her clients.
Shannon Severance hails from central Florida where she met her husband. Her husband retired in November 2017 from over 20 years of service in the United States Coast Guard. Together, Shannon and her husband, have a daughter named Meranda who is a full-time undergraduate student. Some of her favorite hobbies include spending time with her family, boating, fishing, and community involvement.