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The 6 Best Places to Live in Hawaii in 2020

live in Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful island state surrounded by an exquisite body of water and rich in culture. If you’re looking to move to Hawaii, we don’t blame you because tons of people choose to live there. But when you want to live in Hawaii, where exactly is the best place to live, you may be wondering?

Don’t worry below; you’re going to find a list that will fill you in on all of the places in Hawaii where you should live. By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’re going to be rushing to find your new home on this island paradise.

Read on now and find the best places to live in Hawaii.

1. East Honolulu

When you think of Hawaii, one of the first areas that you’re going to hear about is Honolulu, and rightfully so. If you’re looking to move someplace that has the view to match the rest of the island’s beauty, this is the place to live.

The area does feature a volcano, but there’s no need to worry because the Diamond Head State Monument is dormant, meaning it will not erupt spewing lava anytime soon. One thing that you need to be aware of when living in East Honolulu is that it’s not the cheapest place to live in Hawaii; therefore, if you’re looking for something on the cheaper side, you’re going to want to look at other areas of the island to move to.

2. Mililani Mauka

If you’re like us, then you’re not going to get enough of these coastal views and enchanting names of each place that could become your new home. Mililani has earned the reputation and name of the All-American City and rightfully so.

Not only will you be able to send your children to some of the best schools in the area, but you’ll also have access to the freshest produce the island grows. This city has a population of about 19,955 people, and you can become one more inhabitant.

3. Waikele

If you enjoy learning about history, such as the growth of the sugar plantations, you’re definitely going to want to make your way to this area of O’ahu and live in Waikele. Sugar plantations were introduced to the island of Hawaii during the 1840s.

And ever since then, they’ve been a staple in various places located all over the island. But, for those who aren’t necessarily history buffs, this area also has a wonderful shopping area to offer to those who live there.

When you visit the shopping center, be aware that you may encounter people from all over the island as it’s the only shopping center of its kind in Hawaii. Living in this area is quite affordable, and the unemployment rate sits at a low 2.5%, meaning job prospects are all around this beautiful city.

4. Ahuimanu

If you’re someone that enjoys exploring the wonders of an illustrious garden, you’re going to want to visit the friendship garden located in this city. When you’re looking for a quiet retreat in your new home, you can explore this harden and take the time to become one with nature.

You’re going to enjoy all that the garden has to offer, and you’re going to enjoy getting to know your neighbors because this is the nicest place in Hawaii. Why is it called this, you may be wondering?

The reason is everyone in this city looks out for one another and is willing to lend their neighbor a helping hand. Now that’s what we like to call a community. You’ve never got to worry because when you’re in need, there is someone that’s going to do their best to help you out.

5. Ewa Gentry

Ewa Gentry is likely the place on our list with the lowest cost of living when it comes to cities to move to. You should be aware that when you choose to live in Hawaii, you can expect things to be on the more expensive side.

But, we like to overlook the cost of living simply because you get to wake up to the view and many other perks of living on the island for free. In this area of the island, you’re likely to find great healthcare opportunities for yourself and your family, and the population here is around 25,752.

6. Wailea

If you’re looking for a smaller area to live in, then Wailea is going to be the best spot for you to settle into. Are you someone that enjoys golfing? You’re going to love the gold trails offered in this city, and once you’re done playing all 18 holes, you can settle down for some relaxation time on one of the beaches.

You should take note that this area of Hawaii is a trendy spot when it comes to tourism.

Where to Live in Hawaii?

When you’re looking for a place to live in Hawaii, making your final decision can be challenging. With the many beautiful cities that the island offers, how will you choose where you’d like to live? We hope that after you’ve read our list, it’s helped you narrow down your living prospects.

Perhaps you’re considering living in Honolulu? Or maybe finding a home in Ewa Gentry is going to be the best option? Whichever area you select, you’re going to need the help of Sold by Shannon. If you’ve got some questions that need to be answered, all you’ve got to do is contact her via the website.

And from there, she’ll work with you to find the home of your dreams in one of the most scenic spots in the world. Aloha!

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