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What to Look for in a Military Realtor

Do you need a military realtor? Perhaps you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a realtor experienced in military matters. Perhaps you’re on a time crunch and want to find any agent available.

The truth is this: finding a realtor who is proficient in military affairs isn’t easy. However, you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to find one. Military realtors can help you buy or sell your home faster.

They know about VA loan qualifications so you can get your funding faster. They also work with active-duty members who must move frequently. Above all, the best agents in this arena have impeccable communication skills, especially for military members in different time zones.

This article will show why you should sell or buy property in Hawaii with a military realtor Let’s explore.

Choose the Agent

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, a realty company should allow you to choose your agent. Ask if there’s any agent in the company who works with military families. If they don’t allow you to choose, or if the company doesn’t have a military-friendly agent, search elsewhere.

Additionally, find a reputable company with a history of delivering good results to clients. To find the right company, read online reviews, or you can inquire within the community.

Scrutinize the Reviews

Online reviews may be reputable, but agents with positive ratings may not suit your needs.

  • Example: An agent with a five-star review found a home for a client within a few weeks. However, could that same agent find a home for a military family in a single weekend?

Time constraints are one of many factors that military families must deal with. No matter how great the real estate agent may be, they may not deliver if they’ve never worked with military clients before.

Trust Matters Most

Since servicemen and women are always on the move, they’re not always able to meet up in person. That’s why trust is vital when finding a military realtor, as they will be your eyes and ears on the ground.

Further, the best agents can use the latest technologies to send you the best photos and videos of the property. With technological advances like virtual tours and drone imagery, you’ll get a clearer picture of the property. If you’re a seller who must move before selling the home, a trustworthy agent can handle calls from potential buyers.

Experience Matters

Finding a military agent is only half the battle. An agent may claim to be military-friendly but has little to no experience. Find an agent who has experience working with the military in Hawaii. An experienced agent will be helpful in the following areas:

  • If you’re in a different time zone, they’ll know how to coordinate with you seamlessly.
  • If you must sell your home in two years or less, a military agent can find you a home with great resell value.
  • They know about the best schools that cater to children of military parents.
  • They can guide you through the VA loan qualification process.

If you’re looking for a VA loan, ask the agent if they know anything about the VA process. Many sellers and selling agents aren’t familiar with VA loans.

Some sellers are wary of VA loans because they assume that VA loans will be burdensome. An experienced realtor, however, can ease seller concerns and help you get qualified. They’re especially invaluable if you’re new to VA loans and don’t know where to start.

Even if you know about VA loans, unexpected hurdles may arise along the way. One example is the appraisal process. A home with rotten wood or broken window panes may not pass a VA inspection.

Therefore, your realtor can alert all parties ahead of time to get the home ready for inspection. Any agent can help you get a VA loan, but a military agent will help you navigate turbulent waters. For example, many agents don’t know the necessary documentation to qualify for a VA loan.

Besides loans, they could also find grants that could finance a home purchase.

Veterans with Special Needs

Military realtors also work with veterans who suffer from debilitating conditions, such as a disability or PTSD. Based on your needs, they can help you find a home that will help you live as comfortably as possible. If you’re disabled, ask the agent if they’ve worked with previous clients in the same situation as yours.

Perhaps they can assist in making your prospective home wheelchair accessible. They can even help you find a home that will accommodate your needs, and the same applies to those suffering from PTSD.

A typical agent isn’t accustomed to dealing with these special requests. Additionally, they may not have enough know-how or resources to find a home that meets your specifications.

In other cases, the agent may not devote as much time to your needs as clients with non-military needs. An agent adept in the military will prioritize your requests and deliver faster results than a conventional realtor.

The Importance of a Military Realtor when Moving to Hawaii

A military realtor will make the buying or selling process a seamless endeavor. They know that military families are under tight deadlines to either buy or sell a home.

They also know about the VA process and how to expedite your approval. They can even tell you where to live in Hawaii and choose an area that caters to military families.

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