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Why Use a Specialist Military Realty Company?

The VA has handled 25 million home loans to put service members and veterans into their homes since its beginning in 1944. This is great for the service members and veterans who served their time and were ready to settle down once they left the military. However, the requirements for the loan (and finding a VA-approved home) remain rather complicated.

A realtor in Hawaii who specializes in military realty will be able to walk you through the complex process and get you into the home of your dreams (or help you sell it when the time comes) without causing too much stress on you and your family.

Continue reading to learn why you should consider a specialist military realty company when buying or selling your home.

Handling Unique Service Member or Veteran Needs

For veterans and active-duty military members, buying a home is so much more than just figuring out if it is in a specific school district or has a certain number of bedrooms.

Active duty service members only get 10 days of leave to check out the new duty station and search for their next home. Your military realtor understands how important it is to stick to your accelerated timeline. They also understand everything that veterans might be dealing with what they went through as service members.

Operating Under Accelerated Timelines

So, you get the call that you are relocating to a new duty station. Thankfully, your Hawaii military relocation doesn’t have to be stressful. If you have been working with a military realtor, they will be able to take over and avoid sacrificing a profit because you have to sell quickly.

As an active duty service member, your house showings may be done via video chat while the realtor does a walkthrough of the home. Your military realtor understands that you need to get into this home ASAP. They will act as your eyes and ears when deciding which home you are going to buy (in the off-chance that you can’t tour the home while you’re on leave).

Finding the Right Home for Veterans With Disabilities

If a veteran comes home with a physical disability, they may need a home with the right accessibility so they can fully enjoy their new home and live independently. If a veteran comes home and is suffering from PTSD, the last thing they need is to settle down in a home that is going to cause further trauma (i.e., near an airfield or shooting range).

A military realtor will be adept at finding the right housing grants or adaptive homes for those who are struggling with the aftermath of being a service member.

Connecting You to the Right Lender

If your VA home loan lender doesn’t completely understand the VA home loan process, they might jeopardize the sale.

Your military realtor will be able to find the local point of contact at a qualified VA home loan lender who knows what they are talking about. From there, your VA-qualified lender will be able to work with your realtor to make sure the entire home-buying process goes smoothly.

Understanding VA Loans


If you aren’t sure that you qualify for a VA loan, your military realty specialist can help you to determine your eligibility.

Getting a loan through the VA can be rather complicated. A realtor specializing in military realty can help you to navigate through the entire process, from pre-approval to closing on the home.

Some of these specialists are also members of the military or are a part of a military family. They are passionate about educating their fellow service members and veterans on the different benefits that come from taking out a VA loan. They will do whatever it takes to maximize these benefits.

With a VA loan, you may qualify for 100% financing. This means you might not even have to make a down payment to close on your new home. A VA loan helps veterans get a low interest rate for repaying their loans.

Having someone to walk through this process with you makes it so much easier for you to create a safe space where you and your family can recover from your time spent serving in the military.

Ensuring the Home Is VA Approved

The last thing you want as a service member is to have your heart set on a home to learn that the VA isn’t going to let you buy it. Your military realtor will make sure the VA’s minimum property requirements are met before they start showing you homes within your budget.

The MPRs are strict compared to the regular home buying process. Your realtor will be able to show you properties that have been properly vetted with:

  • Homeowner Association bylaws
  • Occupancy numbers
  • Financial statements

Your specialist military realtor will have an uncanny ability to catch red flags before they become an issue, such as missing light fixtures or rotted wood within the home. They know that things like this can affect the house’s ability to pass an appraisal by the VA.

Ready to Hire a Specialist Military Realty Company?

By hiring a military realty specialist, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in good hands. They understand this process because they spend every waking moment finding VA-approved homes for service members and veterans.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home as a service member or veteran in Hawaii, reach out to Sold By Shannon for more information. Your Hawaii military relocation doesn’t have to be stressful when you rely on a military realtor in Oahu or Honolulu.