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Buying Your Home

5 Tips for Writing a Winning Offer Letter

In Hawaii’s hot housing market, including a letter with your formal offer to buy a home is all but required. It’s important to remember that the seller may have an emotional attachment to their home and what you say in…

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6 Ways to Totally Snoop the House You Want to Buy


Ah, house hunting. It may technically be shopping, but it can feel more like breaking and entering. Even though you know the seller wants you there, does anyone really want you traipsing through their bedroom? Or looking through their closet? Or digging…

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I’ll Make Finding Your Dream Home Easier

Property Search

People sometimes wonder if they need a realtor to help find their perfect dream home. Of course, my opinion is biased, but I would say that having me there to help you, not only find the perfect home but also help…

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