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The 6 Best Places to Live in Hawaii in 2020

live in Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful island state surrounded by an exquisite body of water and rich in culture. If you’re looking to move to Hawaii, we don’t blame you because tons of people choose to live there. But when you want…

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7 Best Places in Hawaii for Your Romantic Getaway

You and your significant other are celebrating your wedding anniversary. What better way to spend time together than with a romantic getaway in beautiful Hawaii? Hawaii contains a wide array of resorts where you can enjoy amazing views and a…

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Shannon Severance releases the 2020 Guide for Hawaii’s Military Home-Buyers!

Relocations can often feel difficult for military families. Real estate agent, Shannon Severance, has released a new e-book to ease the stress of home buying when relocating for military families. Shannon’s e-book, Shannon’s Essential 2020 Military Home Buyer’s Checklist, is…

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Getting Your Money in Order Before a Home Purchase

The largest investment most people will make in a lifetime is purchasing a home. It’s a huge commitment, but it has many benefits for your family. Preparing for a home purchase is just as important as finding the property itself.…

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VA Home Loan Limits Have Increased

Hawaii is one of the most expensive states to purchase a home. In 2018, the average Hawaii real estate price approached $700,000 on the island of Oahu alone. Veterans looking to purchase a home in Hawaii will likely have a…

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How Solar Affects Hawaii Home Purchases

How Solar Affects Hawaii Home Purchases Energy bills can often have an enormous impact on household cash flow. Lights, appliances, and air conditioning (and even heating, depending on geography) all make their demands on Hawaii’s electrical grids. Those demands must…

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